Where your words matter


This past week, I decided to participate in the writing grids on the Yeah Write web page. My favorite part of this group is the headline page. Where your words matter. How often do you really hear that as a writer?

I first discovered Yeah Write via their Super Challenge – Fiction contest. It is $25 to enter and prizes are based upon the number of participants. They provide a prompt and writing requirements. Each person has 48 hours to complete a 1000 word story that will fulfill the requirements. Once the stories are submitted, all receive helpful feedback. They also host free weekly challenges in Non-Fiction and Fiction/Poetry with a monthly Prose contest. The team at Yeah Write will provide a prompt and minimal requirements for each and post the entries to their website.

But that’s not even the best part! Once you’ve posted your stories, people will read and comment on them. I’m not sure if you’ve had another writer read your work yet, but writer feedback is the golden egg of the writing world. A writer will point out specific phrasings, areas where you didn’t define your thought or maybe just catch a change in tense. All of these tips are wonderfully helpful and can help make your work stronger.

Beyond that, the people commenting are kind and thoughtful. They’ll praise your work if they like it and believe me, that had me jazzed for at least a couple of days afterwards. I plan on participating each week, not because I’m in search of praise, but because writing is what makes you a better writer.

See you on the grids!Yeah Write Weekly Writing Challenges


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