How to Orchestrate a Wedding (In Two Weeks or Less)

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You would think that two weeks would not be enough time to plan and hold a wedding, but with a little ingenuity and a lot of cooperation, it can happen. My daughter started dating Alex about six months ago. From the very beginning, I was impressed by his manners, his kindness and the way he would gaze at my daughter. He had the look of a man who had met the woman of his dreams and I know my daughter felt the same way about him.
I’ll admit that they’re both young. I hesitated for just a moment when she told me they wanted to get married. After all, she’s only 18 and he’s 21. My mother would have told me that it was a recipe for disaster. But, I know my daughter. When she decides upon something, that is exactly what she is going to do. She doesn’t jump into things. She contemplates them, talks about what she wants to do and even does some research. The child could have been a scientist or a police detective. She’s that thorough. Knowing all of these things about my daughter allowed me to take the leap and believe in their love and commitment.
Alex proposed on Valentine’s day at the gym where they first met. He had just come back from MEPS in Syracuse where you get your leave date for the military. His leave date will be March 13th. They decided to push up the wedding date to March 2nd. Are you freaking out yet? Because that’s exactly what I did.
1. Do not panic. Panic doesn’t get things done. You can eat chocolate in mass quantities and perhaps drink an extra glass or two of wine each night, but don’t panic.
2. Hope and pray that the boy’s parents are wonderful people. Alex’s parents are amazing. They’re supportive, loving and they took care of the cake.
3. Be very appreciative of your ex-husband and his new wife when they step up to the plate and take care of flowers and food for the reception. I was very impressed by the fact that they set everything up in a nice restaurant and took care of a tab that included much needed alcoholic beverages.
4. Make sure there’s a judge in the family. Alex’s uncle is a judge and he was happy to perform the ceremony. He suggested that they hold the wedding in the State Office Building in Binghamton. There are glass windows all the way around so you can get a panoramic view of the city.
5. Find two amazing bridesmaids. Rhiannon’s friends, Brooke and Abby, bought matching dresses for the ceremony. Then they endured the frantic search for a bridal gown. It was a true test of friendship.
6. Have a mother who is incredibly patient (yes, that’s me). We went shopping for the dress two days before the wedding. The eyes of the store clerks would get very wide when we told them what we needed and their first glance was towards my daughter’s belly. No, she’s not pregnant. I suggested going to Tom’s Coffee and Cards because they always have a wide selection of prom dresses available this time of year. My daughter rejected that immediately. We went to seven different stores. No luck. At Tom’s, we struck gold.
7. Hope and pray that you don’t get 16 inches of snow on the wedding day.
8. Have a wonderful hairdresser agree to do your daughter’s hair and makeup as well as your hair even though the hair salon is closed due to inclement weather. Thank you again Nicole!
9. Have a relative who enjoys photography. My ex-husband’s new wife’s daughter’s husband, Jeremy, took some incredible photos.
10. Bring plenty of tissues because the look that your daughter gives her future husband and the look that he returns is the one you want to imprint in your brain forever. Tears will only blur it.
11. Spend the next day planted on the couch and try to remember how to be a normal person again.

Congratulations Rhiannon and Alex! Love you both.



8 thoughts on “How to Orchestrate a Wedding (In Two Weeks or Less)

  1. Oh my god there is SO MUCH TO LOVE ABOUT THIS!! They’re supportive, loving, and took care of the cake. 💜 YES alcoholic beverages are 100% necessary. 💜 I love that your first suggestion was the right suggestion.💜 I love that your unique voice jumped right off the page at me as if we were having a conversation. I could hear your mannerisms and inflections as if you were speaking aloud. I enjoyed every minute of this. Congratulations to you and to your daughter on her wedding. May they live a long, happy life together filled with love and understanding. 💜💜

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  2. That dress is gorgeous! And there were some lovely words in this as well. 😉 “Eat chocolate in mass quantities” “Make sure there’s a judge in the family.” And my favorite: “Tears will only blur it.” I love how you all came together to make the couple’s day special. Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I wonder how often my Mom and Dad pray for more patience with me, and I’m no longer 18. Or getting married. That section was my favorite because I have 100% been there as the daughter. Congratulations!

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