Two Pink Lines

I waited downstairs in her parent’s empty living room while she went to the bathroom. The fabric on the couch had been worn down in places and was covered with white cat hair. Felix, the cat, rubbed against my legs leaving a swathe of hair as he purred. I slapped my hands against my legs … Continue reading Two Pink Lines


How to Orchestrate a Wedding (In Two Weeks or Less)

You would think that two weeks would not be enough time to plan and hold a wedding, but with a little ingenuity and a lot of cooperation, it can happen. My daughter started dating Alex about six months ago. From the very beginning, I was impressed by his manners, his kindness and the way he … Continue reading How to Orchestrate a Wedding (In Two Weeks or Less)

Writer’s Workout – The 500

Writer's Workout is one of my favorite groups on the internet because they work hard to help advance a writer's growth. Within their Facebook group, they offer Motivational Monday, Tuesday Tips and Writing Prompt Wednesday. Overall, it is an upbeat, friendly place to share your thoughts and questions as a writer. Each year, Writer's Workout … Continue reading Writer’s Workout – The 500